Stations can be used to ease charging sessions. Extend default station data with reviews, dynamic pricing, historical availability and amenities.

  • Why do I not see the name of my company’s (CPO) charging stations?

    Charging station names flow from our station database. They receive these names either from the CPO itself or an intermediate party. Unfortunately, we’re not able to change the names of stations.

  • Do you have different levels of preferred operators?

    Currently, we have one level of preferred operators. All operators added here are equally preferred. Please contact us to mark certain operators as preferred.

  • Which connector types are available?

    You can find a list of all connectors in our schema, under OCPIConnectorType. The list updates when new connectors become available.

  • Why do you only consider fast and turbochargers in your routing?

    When calculating routes we only include chargers of 43 kW or more. This reduces charging time and thus creates faster routes.

  • Why is the availability UNKNOWN?

    Unknown appears when we do not know the status of a charger. It could be free, busy or broken.

  • What do you define as slow, fast, and turbochargers?

  • Do you also show the station ID from the station database provider?

    Yes. We show an external ID next to the Chargetrip ID. You can find it under the external_id property. We receive this ID from an external data source.

  • Can I see alternative stations along a planned route?

    Yes. While our route calculates the best charging stations for you and your car — you can also view alternative stations. Simply add the stationsAlongRouteRadius flag to your newRoute mutation, and set the search radius in meters (the max is 5 km). Make sure to also add stationsAlongRoute to your route query. For more information, please see our documentation and examples.

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