Routes are build upon revolutionary in-house developed graph database technology in combination with a proprietary EV specific planning algorithm. Resulting in optimized routes for every individual.

  • Can I show alternative routes?

    Definitely. Just add alternatives to your route query, with all the parameters you want from your alternative routes.

  • How do I share a route calculated with the Chargetrip API to a navigation application?

    A route calculated with the Chargetrip API can be exported to any navigation application. You must export the charging stations as waypoints. Google or similar navigation software will then display the charging stations as waypoints along the route.

  • Why is my desired final state of charge not reached on my route?

    When calculating your journey, we find chargers along the route to meet your desired final state of charge best. However, sometimes we are not able to find a station close enough to fulfill your request. For example, that can happen when chargers are too far away from the route.

  • How can I best decode a polyline?

    There are different tools available online. In the examples, we use the Mapbox polyline package. It is essential to look at the order in which latitude and longitude are returned. In some cases, you might need to flip the coordinates before plotting them on your map.

  • Is it possible to avoid toll roads when requesting a route?

    No, this isn’t supported yet. But we’re working on it!

  • Can I add a waypoint to my route?

    You can add waypoints to your route by adding the via property to your route request. For more information, please take a look at our documentation.

  • Do you recommend using a subscription or a query for routes?

    We recommend that you subscribe to route updates, and unsubscribe when a route has reached a final status. For more information, consult our documentation and examples.

  • Do you account for traffic in your route calculations?

    We do not take traffic into account when calculating routes. The impact of traffic on your consumption is minimal.

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